Survived Dreamation (and didn't lose my voice)

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- 9 games
- with 34 different players (11 new)
- with 5 different systems
- and 6 audience members
- in 7 days.

I'm really tired!

But I didn't loose my voice thanks to apples, room temperature water, throat drops, and breathing exercises.

Dreamation was incredible.

My favorite Dreamation, hands down, so far. Possibly my favorite convention experience I've had. I'll have to think about that more but it feels that way right now (which is completely subjective and biased). Every game was incredible... which has never happened before (for me).

Sleep soon!


  • Tell me more about Throat Drops and Breathing Exercises! "Surviving The Con" is data I'm always willing to hear with the most open of ears.

    Plus, after you're rested, hit us up with the list of Games, Systems, and what you mean by Audience Members!

    EDIT: That goes for the rest of you Dreamation-ers as well!

  • I can't wait to hear your stories. Let's get some AP going!
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    John has solved the problem of surviving a 3 day con:
    just run a 4 day con beforehand, to warm up.
  • Rock on, John!

    One of these years, I will make it there, but I had to sit this one out once again.

    I'm really glad you had a fantastic time, and look forward to hearing more about the various games, etc.!
  • I have never played a game with John.
  • You're missing out!
  • Thanks for sharing the marvelous love, John! Also can't wait to hear how things went.

  • Posted By: Todd LJohn has solved the problem of surviving a 3 day con:
    just run a 4 day con beforehand, to warm up.
    This is true!

    Even though I run a lot of games, this was my first time officially GMing a Dreamation.

    Valamir often stays with Terry and me a week before or a week after Dreamation which led to running games 4 days as practice for Dreamation itself. And Dreamation is practice for this weekend where I'm running 2 Marvel RPG launch parties at 2 different gaming stores, which is practice for running games non stop at Pax East which is practice running games at Gen Con and co-organizing Games on Demand!

    I turned down a well paying freelance project to fit all this in. Priorities!
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    Posted By: AndyTell me more about Throat Drops and Breathing Exercises! "Surviving The Con" is data I'm always willing to hear with the most open of ears.
    Paul T. (who is a super cool person and friend) from this thread taught me the breathing exercises I now use to help combat GMing fallout!

    Todd Furler, at Gen Con, kept sucking on lollipops. I asked why and it was to keep his throat moist. I don't love lollipops and have been trying an assortment of throat lozenges. I recommend sugar free lozenges. I keep a bowl on the table for myself and any co-GMs (like when we played Elmer Sapp).

    Terry taught me that to keep my energy level high... do subtle exercise throughout the day, walk up stairs instead of taking the elevator, stand up while GMing, walk everywhere I can, keep my spine straight, offer to carry people's bags, and hit the gym first thing in the morning.

    My body has taught me to get lots of sleep by kicking my butt when I don't. There was a large group at Dreamation that partied Saturday night till 4am, then went to a diner, and still managed to wake up by 10am to game! I was jealous but at the same time I know my individual limitations. In general I now bring ear plus and an eye mask to ensure I can sleep solidly even when we share hotel rooms where people come in and out of the room at random times during the night.

    People I've met who do voice acting insist that room temperature water and apples keep your voice solid through 8 hours of almost non-stop talking. They also like tea with lemon and honey instead of coffee.

    My sister who is a pharmacist advised I take vitamin C powders (not vitamin pills) every morning at a convention to avoid getting sick.

    Generally I do my best to listen to people, watch what they do, and then experiment.
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    Posted By: AndyPlus, after you're rested, hit us up with the list of Games, Systems, and what you mean by Audience Members!
    Posted By: Jason MorningstarI can't wait to hear your stories. Let's get some AP going!
    I'm bad at writing up Actual Play reports. That's why it helps to have nice people like Bret in your game.

    I ran:

    - Marvel Heroic x4.
    - A game heavily shrouded in Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).
    - Psi*Run.
    - Dogs in the Vineyard x2.
    - Elmer Sapp.

    All the Dreamation games were filled, often with 1-2 alternates. In several cases, the alternates decided to sit down and watch most of the game. We had 1 player sit at the table with us, for 4 hours, to watch one of the most intense Dogs games I've ever run (at least in the top 10).

    In the Dreamation Marvel game we also had 3-4 audience members... some of which I deputized as co-GMs. The rule was you can watch but I might tag you in. I turned to Darren, "what does Armadillo Man do?" (yes armadillo man)

    Every single game went very well. Which has never happened (for me) with that many games.
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    That said, I may have clobbered my own body during that last Marvel game!

    There were several times where I jumped off chairs, threw myself against a wall, slammed my fists on the table, and danced around pro-wrestling style.

    My throat is fine but my knees and elbows are sore!

    I feel bad because Terry who also ran games (4) did lose part of her voice and she has 3 work phone calls today :-(
  • Bret asked for a brief recap of which heroes clobbered which villains in the last Marvel game. This contain spoilers!

    - Colossus landed on and crushed Count Nefaria in 1 shot!
    - Spiderman saved a crashing helicopter and the lives of 2 shield agents.
    - Daredevil and Iron Fist took out a mob of supervillains including Cross Bones and Armadillo Man.
    - Daredevil intimidated the villains to stay in their jail cells... even though the doors were still open!
    - Human Torch was the only light in all of NYC and then stopped the major escaping villains (Electro & Lykos).
    - Spiderman and Colossus recruited the disorganized shield agents.
    - Electro electrocuted the entire Hudson river.
    - Colossus threw Karl Lykos as he realized who Lykos was... but too late... after a single touch the now 500 feet away at 100 miles per hour Lykos turned into Sauron and attacked the heroes.
    - Spiderman beat Sauron into oblivion.
    - Human Torch emotionally embarrassed Electro.
    - Iron Fist and Daredevil had some horrific scenes with Carnage including flashbacks where they relived the moments where they almost let someone they were trying to protect die.
    - Iron Fist made a deal with Carnage, "you let the shield agents go and you are free."
    - Daredevil beat the holy hell out of Carnage.
    - Shield offered Daredevil a job.
    - The heroes rounded up all the missing villains and stopped several people rioting in the streets.
    - Human Torch called in his brilliant brother in law, Reed Richards, who built a complicated machine to bring back all power in NYC that of course required the combined powers of the present heroes, the captured Electro, and the empire state building. Picture Colossus holding Electro and "powering up" NYC.

    - It made no sense.
    - It was great.
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    Jenskot has d12 Stamina!!!

    Jenskot, is there stuff in the new Marvel game that exists independently of the economy? Like: say we go to an oil refinery. Can the player just say, "I'm blowing up this oil tank!" without having to spend plot points to create the oil tank, and then create some conflagration?

    The reason I ask is that incorporating that kind of environmental, fictional stuff on an as-needed basis (clouds to dice, in Vincent's terminology) is one of the things I really like about role-playing. Having everything exist as part of a delicate economy is a really cool accomplishment, but not what I want on a regular basis...
  • James, forgive me if I mess up some bits of the game, I just read it over this weekend.

    The Watcher can set distinctions (right? is that what they are called?) when they set the scene, so when setting the scene for the oil tanker, they could put them on the table (maybe via post-it notes) to be used by hero or villain.
  • Odds are good that the Watcher would set up the action scene with the oil tanks as a scene distinction (or, uh, asset?) that the PCs could then use to Michael Bay the heck out of stuff.
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