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  • Might be time to move to a white list on the next server update.
  • We have one currently, if I set it up right. Still, I'll look into more extensive server plugins.

  • Oh good lord.
    I've found the mother of all underground complexes....
    It just goes on forever!

    Under my new castle entry from the 2nd floor of the gatehouse.

    I got so lost that I had to kill myself to get back to the spawn point... Now I've paved a path down through a lot to help with not getting lost.... feel free to explore (already closed off a couple of monster spawning points.)
  • So, where is this new castle of which you speak? [You can use F3 to get coordinates.]
  • front gate is at x -317, z -657.
    there are some signs in the entry corridor leading you to the labyrinth.
    Entry is on the second floor - follow the path :) Best of luck

    Please dont damage the gateway/close the gate - you can't open it from the outside...
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    So... runechunky1 is on now, telling LazerKittens about all the stuff he raided from someone, and both of them are raiding others. In case anyone is missing supplies and such. Their IRL names are Andrew and Aiden.
  • oh awesome :(
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    So I guess this is the time to make the white list....
  • Vasco - that minecraft middle-earth server looks impressive - how large is that map!?!?!
    That sort of thing would be very interesting...
    Also might be nice to try making some community projects on our server - like a town or some mega-structure.
  • OK, removed them from the whitelist, reloaded it.

  • To clarify: the whitelist was based on the list of people who had previously connected. I assumed if I didn't know a name, it was some other SG person. Now, if you want to connect, let me know your SG name.

  • I'm clweeks in Minecraft.
  • Yeah, you're there.

    Folks, if you try to connect and can't, just whisper me your username.

    If you know of any other people griefing, let me know their usernames, but not in a whisper—so in case they're on SG and there was a misunderstanding, we can work it out.

  • Posted By: DionysusVasco - that minecraft middle-earth server looks impressive - how large is that map!?!?!
    That sort of thing would be very interesting...
    Also might be nice to try making some community projects on our server - like a town or some mega-structure.
    I've heard different ratios, but the one I think is most accurate is 1:1 scale in cities and other significant areas, and 1:3 in between such areas. Yeah, it's pretty insane. I applied to be added to their whitelist just to I could take it all in. The work the've done there is very impressive. I don't log on there frequently, however, because they have mandatory events that they force-warp you to participate in. Grunt work mostly; digging rivers, leveling hills and such, nothing creative.

    I would be interested in starting a community project on Utopia, however. So far we have several establishments on the various continents (Storyville, New Storyville, Westwood, etc), plus a bunch of other things people have built in the wilds. Is there any one in particular we want to focus on?
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    So, I was just looking at features of the latest snapshot release (12w08a) and.... Iron Golems, yo.

    Also: More detailed info on the snapshots released so far for the upcoming 1.2 update.
  • Getting a few people together and doing something like City Construction Challenge or Tree Spirit Challenge would be a lot of fun :)

    I really wish there was some way to spawn a villager or move them. I'd love to get a NPC village outside my castle :)
  • Is madskills24 one of you?
  • Posted By: DionysusI really wish there was some way to spawn a villager or move them. I'd love to get a NPC village outside my castle :)
    The obvious solution: an excuse for a new castle!
  • Posted By: DionysusGetting a few people together and doing something likeCity Construction ChallengeorTree Spirit Challengewould be a lot of fun :)
    The City Construction Challenge looks like it would be pretty fun. I'd definitely be in.
  • I'd do it too. The only problem that I'm imagining is staying synchronized. like, meeting the requirements for stage one isn't going to take very long and some of us could miss it entirely.
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    I think the thing we're keying into isn't necessarily the specifics of the Challenge, but the idea of collaborative building with set goals. Even if we don't use the challenge as written, I'm sure we could decide on some general guidelines and goals and throw them up on the Utopia wiki.
  • Perhaps a homebrewed Dungeon challenge? You know, "the overlord's chambers" "the treasure room" "the pit trap" "the lava fountain" etc. Carve out the inside of a mountain and go all the way down to bedrock?
  • You would want to do these challenges in survival, right?

    I suggest a time limit for each project, say 24 or 48 hours, over a weekend.
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    Is this something that we would do online or in single player mode. I could see several of us going to the forest near spawn and starting spirit trees.

    Oh, several of us gamers with jobs fans have been doing a monthly survival challenge thing as well.
  • It's been a while since I logged in. It's been fun and agonizing getting my fortress up but I don't mind starting anew. If anyone needs help re-harvesting to replenish griefer theft I'd be happy to help in a directed way ("I need 100 iron..go!")
  • I like the idea of building dungeons both as a challenge and for others to explore. Clues to locations, fiendish traps and monsters to slay.

    Also happy to start fresh.
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    lmao.. Dwarf Fortress - SG minecraft version :)

    I like
  • I'll gladly restart the server if that's the consensus, when we get the update.

    I think we need some sort of voting mechanism for world-decisions like this.

  • The thing is, restarting the server sounds fun. But then...there's no point in playing now. Whatever I build is to be tossed. Do we know when the new update will be here?
  • Yeah, I'm holding off doing anything too.
  • Just a thought (because I don't know the server side that well), does your server side character transfer over to the new world or is everyone zeroed out as well?

    Not that it would bother me, but if it did transfer, that would be an excuse to level up and stuff in the mean time.
  • No, XP is like items, it doesn't carry over, sadly.

  • Right, don't carry over to a new seed.

    But, I wonder what would happen if you deleted the map files but kept the rest of the world data? Would MC try to rebuild the world from the seed value?


    Well, isn't that special. If you delete the mcr files, it will rebuild the world from scratch using the same seed. Of course, I did fall to my death because the castle I was standing on was gone. But, all my inventory was still there scattered on the ground. I'm not saying we should do that, but is theoretically possible in single player at least.
  • It would be interesting to plan what of my possessions I'd carry to a new map.
  • I'm easy either way, leaning slightly towards a reboot. I'd just carry on doing what I've been doing in any case.

  • Todd, that is actually hilarious :)

    "where did my world go?!?!!"
  • yeah... I think it would be fun to post pics of "what's in your inventory for the forthcoming Apocalypse" lol
  • So how many folks are on the server and can we tell with what frequency?
  • It would be neat (and possibly embarrassing) to see a list of who's played how many hours if the server keeps that. :)
  • Whatever we do my next big project is a world tree!
  • Erudiitus, I will definentky be in on that. I would love to make an yggdrasill....

    Something like This
  • Holy shit! YES! EPIC! EPIC! EPIC!

    OKAY so is this happening in the current server or the old one?! When will we know if we are rebooting?
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    I'm going to start thinking about design today!

    Thus far I know I am going to start with a massive forest, clear it and hollow out a massive cavern. From the bottom of the earth I am going to refill the hole with massive root systems you can travel through (all made out of trunks) and fill the remaining cavern with dirt (or maybe water).

    Then massive tendrils will spiral around making corridors up.

    At the top is a canopy with villages and castles!

    It will span the whole depth of the world and the canopy will be as wide as the world is tall.

    - Don
  • Well, the possible release for 1.2 is tomorrow.
    Check it out here
  • Hold on just a sec.

    There are some options for what to do with the old map:

    1) While 1.2 is coming out tomorrow, but Bukkit and its plugins won't be updated right away. If kobutsu wants to launch the new map with Bukkit, then the Multiverse plugin enables a server to host multiple main worlds on one machine. Kobutsu could link the 1.0/1.1 world to the 1.2 world with custom portals if he desired.

    2) Or, the old map could be taken down, zipped and posted on dropbox or something for players to download and continue to play it in single player.

    3) Or the old map could just be deleted (although that seems like a waste) and a brand new 1.2 map would be generated after the server is upgraded.

    The other thing to consider is, if you play on multiple servers like I do, then you have to swap out the different versions of your minecraft.jar when you want to play on a 1.1 server. This is easy to do so long as you remember to back up your current 1.1 minecraft.jar. In fact, you should do that right now anyway in case some world-ruining bug slips through with 1.2.
  • I always thought this mod looked pretty awesome. Just throwing that out there, if you're talking about brand new Bukkit server.
  • Tim,

    I certainly won't update until Bukkit has updated. I'll think about the Multiverse plugin; that seems compelling.

  • It does say old worlds will automatically be updated, so we might not even need to reset, perversely appealing as the idea of doing so anyway seems to me.

    That said, the whole "wait a few days so the mods can catch up" is part of the reason I was wary of mods in the first place. Not that I'm playing every day or anything, I'm just saying. And I do agree a whitelist seems necessary what with the unfortunate spree of looters in main Storyville.
  • Hey, guys.. Could you add nmarshall23 to the whitelist? I'd love to check out your world.
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