Marvel Heroic - anybody got an editable character sheet?

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Because the whole kerfuffle over the Before Watchmen thing amuses me, I figured I'd run a session or two of Watchmen '66 using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying. Is there a classy, editable character sheet floating around out there on the Internet? I can make some crummy ones in Word, but it's not the same.

P.S. Doctor Manhattan can inflict mental stress on you just by talking to you.


  • Ah, that is helpful. Thanks.
  • A quick warning: the form-fillable part of the official form-fillable character sheet is kind of awful. It's great that it gives two extra boxes for power traits on one of the power sets, but the SFX/Limits section is still ridiculously tiny, and there are still enormous blank spaces on the left side of the sheet going completely unused. Also, it scales your font size down the more you type, resulting in the usual comically random assortment of text sizes.

    It's not going to be that much classier-looking than a Word document, is what I'm saying. (But if you have neat handwriting, you can print out blank sheets and fill them in by hand, which will let you steal back some of that wasted space on the left?)
  • It'd be cool to see the character sheets you come up with.
  • When I first read the thread title I saw "edible" rather than "editable".

    That makes a big difference....
  • @forlon1 you ain't the only one, lol
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