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  • I think it's like the reverse elephant in the room. We all so clearly know that it's HAPPENING in a big way, in the exact forefront of our minds, that it almost seems unnecessary to talk about it on S-G. But yeah. Saving up for this one, big time. Not to be missed.
  • Want it, I extremely doubt that I can find anyone to play/run it for. So, I'm slow to pull the trigger on it.
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    I've got this whole spiel I wrote up a few weeks back in Google Docs. It's almost not worth posting, since it's funded: But it was something I meant to do, so I'll follow through with it this weekend.

    EDIT: Created a new thread.
  • So, balls. I didn't even see it go up before all the high-price goodies were snatched up. I especially am sad about the 40 dice and pretty cloth, but c'est la vie and all that. Yay, Tenra!
  • According to the update, it's looking like Andy wants to find more furoshiki to re-open some of those levels.
  • That'd be sweet. I'd happily jump up to the $180 level.
  • Yeah, after talking to some places it's going to cost a few bucks more (looks like those levels will go to 118, 190) but doable. The same place that makes the excellent quality stuff produced more in the styles I have. Plus I might pick up a few other styles! I'll have an update on that and stretch goals tomorrow!
  • Good to hear. I am not 100% I will upgrade from $70 to $118 but I am looking forward to being able to add a second copy of the rulebook to my pledge.
  • Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad.
  • @zircher if you do G+ or Skype I'd love to play it, and I bet others would, too.
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    Kickstarter updated, stretch goals added, first one (a full replay, complete with notes and illustrations) is already funded.
  • SUBSCRIAEBAD, i mean backed
  • Man, this game is super fun. So glad it's done!
  • YES! Upped to the Aiki Chit level. POWER-UP! Speaking of which, is there a character type in TBZ that could emulate the main character from Altered Beast, or the fighters from Bloody Roar?
  • Get 'im, Ahab!

    Backed. Happy to see this finally come together.
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    UserClone: You mean huge muscular dudes who punch small people in half, move slowly left-to-right but can jump really high/fast? Hmmm, that's a hard one.

    But seriously, something like a man-beast hybrid could be done one of two ways:
    1) Stat them up as an Ayakashi (claws, regeneration, etc). Detailed but easy.
    2) Simply "reskin" the Annelidist's "Demon of Battle" Annelid. It basically turns an annelidist into a chitin-plated Kamen Rider, but you can simply describe it as more wolf/dragon/bear/tiger-ish instead. It has the added bonus of when you turn it on, you have to make a willpower roll to turn it back off again.


  • So I guess I have to have this now.

    On a more serious note, I love that RPGs are really very seriously starting to cross international boundaries. This is good work and very important!
  • I honestly have no idea what this game is about but Andy has been working on it and people have been excited about it for so long that I can't help but be enthusiastic. It's like everyone around me is cheering so I'm cheering too even though I don't know what we're cheering for.

    I loved Maid, though, so I'm really happy to back this.
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    Yeah, while the KS page has the "Here's the Qualities of the Game and Physical Book" blurbs, I really need to make a post of "Why Story Gamers would be interested in this game"... Gimme a day or two.
  • So, it looks like you're over $43,000 now . . . At this rate, I kind of want to see it break $100,000.

    Seriously, it's only got like 500 backers now. Surely those 500 people know another 500 people, right?
  • Spiel read, project backed. :-)

    I might not ever get to play, but I do support the people and effort that has gone into this game. And, I'm sure it will be an interesting read since my Japanese skills are lacking.
  • Overspended!!!

    Only to a PDF level, but I am getting those army rules. Tasty, tasty army rules.
  • Been waiting for that one for SO LONG (this games is basically why I never took upon myself to translate any of the Japanese games I own, really - that's right feel guilty ! Let me discharge myself of my own responsibility ! *evil laughter*) that I HAVE to buy it.

    Congratulations on bringing this to an end. Feeling happy for you really.
  • Hey Andy, I left a comment on the kickstarter about maybe having a tier or the option of adding MAID to an order, I think it's a good opportunity to sell some of your other title too and there are already a bunch of comments about people wanting to do so!
  • UserClone: You mean huge muscular dudes who punch small people in half, move slowly left-to-right but can jump really high/fast? Hmmm, that's a hard one.

    I have to post this link now. I have to every time this happens.
  • $55K reached with 17 days still to go. Mythos Hunter Zero is added and heading towards more ready to run sample PCs.
  • I held the proofs in my hands today*. This game is gorgeous. And fun as hell. Dang, y'all.

    *if you go to the Burning Wheel booth at PAX maybe Luke will show you, too.
  • I saw the proof at Gencon. It's a really beautiful artifact. And I got to play a bit.

    My favorite part was Mark Causey's snarky description of the "Evangalion" class: Young sweaty girls in robots with big swords. The picture really says it all, I couldn't agree more. I played such a girl and it was basically awesome.

    It was in that beer drinking late night Embassy Suites phase of Gencon so my memory is a bit fuzzy, but we got a really great overview of the mechanics and it was pretty fun. We rolled 2d6's on a relationship chart to determine how we felt about each new NPC we met. Including our boss. I had some kind of Forbidden Anguish feeling, basically I wanted to kill her.

    Playing out each of the intro scenes was pretty fun, because it created new Emotions. I gained the Emotion: Vengeance toward my Copilot. We also decided to have intro scenes with the other PC's so we could roll more relationship chart dice and decide how we felt about each other.

    The dice mechanic is neat: you roll a pool of dice equal to your main stat and then add your skill (so 4 dice in agility + 4 dice in melee = 8 dice for a giant robot sword attack) and then you want to hit numbers under your skill level (so in this case under 4 was a success). If it's a vs challenge, there was something with eliminating matching dice numbers in each person's hand. And then you could decide to change your outcome based on all these other conditions. Like if you decided your character might die that session you can mark off the "dead" box and then you get all these epic bonuses.

    There's a relationship drama type chart that allows you to add and subtract dice as well that we didn't get into as much. I can't remember the names of these things at all. There was a lot of looking over the book and ooohing and aaaahing. We didn't get too far into the session but what I took away was that it was really easy to get into the Kabuki theatre style drama, play some really really crazy characters with some integrity, and pretty easily replicate the feel of the genre.

    I think the most satisfying things for me was that it was beautiful to look at, I could play ANY of the anime genres I like in one game, its better than exalted, its a good combination of a "storygame" and a "traditional" game because its the good kind of crunchy and it has lots of story and character driven mechanics. I'm really excited to play a game.
  • $60K stretch goal reached. Woot!
  • Thanks for the overview anansi. I'm sorta torn between just getting the boring, non-glossy pdf or getting the book and eating less for the rest of the month. Some mechanics helps the decision.
  • anansigirl: Cool. I got in on the Kickstarter, but started getting second thoughts when I looked at the artwork. It looked too gonzo for me. But if it the mechanics are suitable for a wider range of settings I'm good.
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    @vegedus: yea, I think it's definitely worth having the physical book. Because it's beautiful.

    @Wilhelm: I kinda loathe gonzo. This wasn't gonzo really. It's just a lot of cool stuff that seems to match the genre. It seemed to be as serious or crazy as you wanted it to be, scaled to taste. Yea... there's a lot of t+a in the artwork, but I think it's just staying true to genre. It's a little problematic obviously, like most anime kinda is, but I'm OK with that.
  • Heads up that the KS is coming to an end and AndyK has posted up some excellent Final Form stretch goals at $80K - hardcover, a fourth setting, reference comic book, rules reference, more scenarios...
  • Oh man, I listened to the Yellow Menace Podcast interview! Lord. Ninety minutes of jrpgs. AND even a little Clyde. Fucking heaven.
  • I'm trying very hard to remember myself I don't really care, that I won't likely play it, etcetera... but every time I hear @Andy talk about it I get a bit more interested. Dammit Andy!
  • Less that $400 to hit $80K!
  • Might as well throw in my extra $15 for the hardcover then!
  • Well, past $80K now :) Also, it has over 1,000 pledgers.
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    Not 900%. Not 950%. TBZ is 1000% funded. FYI.
  • Over in the main thread I posted that thing I meant to write two weeks ago, the "Why Story Games folks might be interested in Tenra Bansho":
  • Eff it, backed for the PDF + bonus content.

    *shakefist* Dammit Andy!

    (also: congrats on the smashing success)
  • I was really not going to back this, and pick it up later in stores, but desire for Tenra beat me into submission (especially the DC book; I'm a sucker for commentary) and demanded tribute.

    Congratulations, Andy!
  • - The third system is the "Karma system". The Karma system is the system of character motivations and relationships. The more you care about people and the world, the more dangerous you become. Eventually, you cross a line (that line is "108", the number of Buddhist sins/defilements) and destroy the world to protect what you love or are obsessed with. This manifests by spending points that you get from the fanmail rewards on things like "character advancement" "bonus dice", "temporary skill level boost", "jumping in front of an attack", "entering a scene you're not currently in". The more you do things to change or influence the world, the more you become tied to it: That's Buddhist Karma. You can only lower it by caring about things less: Lowering your ranks in relationships, motivations etc. The cultural roots of Buddhism are baked right into the system. Heck, the phase where you balance and change your motivations/emotions is called the "anatman phase". :-)
    Backed, and after reading this bit I'm super excited about having done so.
  • Looks like we blew all our aiki chits on the final boss cause that KS is officially asura with $129,641 raised.
  • FUCKIN' A.

    ...ahem, sorry. Got excited there for a second.

    What do folks think of it so far? I'm still parsing through the hugeness of it. So far it's looking a lot like what I wanted Exalted to be, but Exalted wasn't. And the art is really, really, good, too.
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