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Now I've got your attention, I want to ask you hardened, battle-scarred veterans of Jungle Speed – what other games do you know? I bought JS because of the enthusiasm here, and it's been a blast (my neighbour liked it so much he got his own set). My five-year-old daughter loves it, her friends love it, I love it, you get the picture.

So spill – what else is there with the same play value for young and old? I'm taking notes!


  • I believe Jungle Speed was based on a card game called Spoons. I've never played JS, but from what people say and the ruckus I heard at GenCon, it's pretty much in the same family.
  • I just got L'extension in the mail today. Who wants to touch me?


    - J
  • Finally got to play this last night. Such joy! The energy, the snap-decision thinking, the insults directed at my mother.

    JEREMY (to another player, in characteristic calm, mocking tone): did you want this card? Yeah? Oh, good, because you get all of them.
    ME: That's nice. This game's trash-talk has been pretty cerebral, don't you think?
    JEREMY: I can go all ways. Like your mother.

    A whole round of inspired "yer mother" shade-throwing followed. There were injuries, and one friendly arm-numbing shoulder-punch that finally eliminated Joe's seemingly ineradicable advantage.

    It's a game for the ages, for keeping your neighbours awake.


  • My favorite thing to do is still:

    1) Every once in a while screw with people's senses by:
    a) Saying "colors!" when two of the same color card come out, and there's no "Colors" card in play.
    b) Pointing at the wrong person after an All Play and the like, and say "Your turn".

    2) As someone reaches for the totem, ninja-bitchslap their forearm to make their hand hit the totem and knock it over.

  • So....you play like Sorenson?

    I'll touch you, Jared. I'll touch you.
  • Fuckin' Jungle Speed.

  • The best ploy is to knock over the totem when it's not your turn but there are no cards on the table.

    You can't spell "Jungle Speed" without "JS."

    - JS
  • Neither can you spell "Jackass"

    What? Just sayin'

    Hey Joshua...guess what I'm bringing to JiffyCon...
  • I do not want to touch Jared Sorensen, but I do want to grab his thingy. Erm, totem.
  • I grew up playing spoons. It could get pretty rough - I think I scratched someone's cornea once. A cousin or my Mom or someone.
  • Are you goons telling me that nothing approaches the awesomeness of Jungle Speed?
  • There's apparently a variant.

    Based on animal noises.

  • Ben - are you talking about Snorta?
  • Hmmm, Snorta looks like it could work. Noted.

    I'm sure I've played something like Spoons/Pig/Tongue, but I forget what we called it. Noted.
  • I dunno. Vincent told me about it.


  • Other games which are mad fun, and work with non-gaming groups, in my experience:

    A dice game called Fargo or simply "Dice". There are a few other names for it to. I can't find rules to link you two, so I'll just tell you about it:

    There are 5 dice. Pick them up, and roll them. Certain dice are worth points and can be set aside:
    -1's are worth 100 points.
    -5's are worth 50 points.
    -Three of a kind are worth 100 x the die value. Three 4's are worth 400, three 5's are worth 500.
    -Three of a kind of 1's are worth 1,000.
    So, you roll 5 dice. You can either keep the score you have so far, or "set aside" at least one scoring die (or scoring set, in the case of a 3 of a kind) and re-roll the rest of the dice - risking all dice set aside so far.

    Ex. I roll dice: 1, 2, 5, 4, 6. There is a 1 (worth 100) and a 5 (worth 50). I can stop at 150 (a sucky, pitiful score), but instead I choose to set aside the 1 (worth 100), and roll the remaining four dice: 3, 2, 1, 1. I set aside the two 1's (worth 200 together, for a banked total of 300 now) and re-roll the remaining two dice: 4, 6. Fuck, I just lost all the banked points, because I got greedy.

    Another fun game is mafia: Mafia explained by Wikipedia.

    We play it with 2-3 Mafia, and an Angel (opens eyes during their own segment of the "Night", which we call closed round, and point to someone. The Narrator confirms or denies this person's mafia status). It works best with 7-8 players and a few hours.
  • Andy,

    Dro and I are going to Ninja Bitch Slap you into oblivion Friday night.

  • If we're going into Mafia territory, I made a Mafia variant based on John Carpenter's The Thing. Never playtested it though, so I can't guarantee any awesome.
  • I've played Snorta. Like, a lot. It's a kids game. There simply isn't the level of sophistication (my opinion, but backed by experience) that makes it interesting for adults who have reasonable games-manship skills. If you can hold the sounds for all of the other players in your head, and "queue" them in your mind as turns go around then the game becomes very nearly deterministic: the person who draws a card (and matches) is almost never fast enough to win.

    As for Jared's desire to be touched: Like L'Extension is new? Been playing that since GenCon.
  • I'm really surprised at the paucity of suggestions. And one's already got a negative review.

    Guess Jungle Speed really is a good game....
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    I think it's more that, at least in my experience, Jungle Speed has a pretty unique blend of physicality + pattern matching + fast play. So recommending a game 'like' it seems difficult.

    On the other hand, recommending other games that are also cool and good for all ages is easier. I'm a big fan of Boggle (a word game) and Mad Gabs (a very loud word game), both of which can be fun for all ages, so long as all the ages involved like words. Though I think a group of five year olds would enjoy it less, both games are very good at letting younger kids participate (if not compete on an equal level) with older players. A game of Boggle takes about five minutes total, and I don't think I've ever actually played the 'game' attached to Mad Gabs -- it's much like the 'game' attached to Balderdash, kind of beside the point.

    Eat Poop You Cat is also an awesome game, and I don't see why it wouldn't be more awesome with a mix of ages, or at any age.

    Edit to add: Oh, and Pictionary of course. A classic, and younger kids can easily play so long as rules are in place to handle the occasional term they don't recognize.
  • If you want something less physical, but still fast, wild, and social you could check out Falling...
  • Well, there's Spit, which is fun for most of the same reasons as Jungle Speed, but it's easier and uses standard playing cards.
  • Posted By: Ice Cream EmperorI think it's more that, at least in my experience, Jungle Speed has a pretty unique blend of physicality + pattern matching + fast play. So recommending a game 'like' it seems difficult.
    Now this makes me think about a version of Tag somehow based on Jungle Speed. *brain explodes*
  • Posted By: Ice Cream EmperorI think it's more that, at least in my experience, Jungle Speed has a pretty unique blend of physicality + pattern matching + fast play. So recommending a game 'like' it seems difficult.
    Yeah, that's basically what's blocked me from doing anything constructive in this thread. I've been realizing how empty the niche Jungle Speed sits in really is.
  • Set has the pattern matching thing and the speed but not the physicality.
  • The best for matching JS frenzy is Pit
    Flinch is one I loved as a kid, also on the about site, as is Uno, which is a color-number-speed classic.
    Deffinatly get Squint - we prefer it to Snorta, and we double the timer or ignore it, and have plenty o'fun.
  • The game comes in a tin box in a shape of a VW MiniBus from the 70's and the totem is a plastic stool.

    I love the French.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarHoly crap -Jungle Speed: Flower Power
    Dammit, Morningstar! I've been searching for this, but I didn't want to mention it till I had a copy in hand to bring to the Double Exposure conventions. Now you've blown the suprise.
  • Can "Jungle Speed" be played by 2 humans? Because I'm thinking of giving it as a gift to a couple we know, who might enjoy it.
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    James, I play JS with my girlfriend all the time. The two-player version is slightly different, and a decent bit more difficult than the standard, but it's just as much fun.

    EDIT: As far as I know, we're both humans, so the answer to your question is "yes."
  • It's better with 2 bonobos and a macaque, though.
  • For two players, there's a "four-handed" version of Jungle Speed in which each of your hands has its own stack of cards. It's fun and, um, quite challenging.
  • I want to recommend the original game of Icehouse here. It's like a tabletop sport... just much less physical within that.
  • Icehouse? The one with the plastic pyramids, right?
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