What game would you make from these images?


  • Those are awesome.

    I would play a game set in a far future gothic/baroque war setting. Perhaps a spin on Warhammer 40K (or 3:16)...but a subgenre of the setting where appearances are very mutable, cosmetic surgery occurs through nanotechnology at a genetic level. The greatest heroes may choose to alter their genetic make-up to look like any heroes of the past, perhaps taking on characteristics of the person they portray (due to the resequencing of their DNA to match the ancient hero).

    Only those worthy to carry the appearance of an ancient hero are permitted to fight the greatest of battles, leading the most awesome fleets of star-annihilators toward inevitable victory against the chaotic hordes of inhumanity.
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    What is interesting to me is how some of them really work (Bowie, Leonardo, Jonah Hill, looks great) and how some of them look kinda meh.

    As for the game, maybe some kind of napoleonic RiverWorld. Where folks are reincarnated in an endless struggle of musket, saber and blood.
  • I have to agree Storn...the artist did such great work on some of them, and all it would have taken was a little more tweaking with brightness and contrast to make a few of them far better.
  • The pictures scream Shakespeareian Political Intrigue to me. I'm thinking about how Kenneth Branagh did staging back in the 90's. You can even imagine the actor playing the part.
  • In an alternate reality, Hollywood(hence referred to as The Holywood) somehow managed to overcome the world. The mass media oppresses the unsuspecting public through film, music and television, convincing them that they are happy in their daily, droll lives. Most importantly they present them with the fictional opportunity that somehow they, too, might rise to those lofty heights of stardom and join the exalted host of 'Celebrity'.
    A harsh 'Auditioning' process is televised yearly, colloquially referred to as Holywood Needs Talent. Individuals from all backgrounds go through an interview and performance process, where only the most versatile of variety performers succeed through public opinion. The victors then go through a reconditioning process such that they are sanitised and made appropriate for entrance into the Wood. Nobody knows what this process entails and communication channels between the people and their rulers are slight and few, with the official claim that any interaction with the actor, rather than the persona they portray on film, might break the illusion and suspension of disbelief within the theatre, mortally wounding their art.
    The players are 'The Unlicensed', those who refused to pay the annual compulsory TV licensing fee. Only you know the truth behind the seemingly happy daily lives of the populace. They are oppressed and need to be liberated. Forcibly if needs be. But do not epect your journey to be easy, for the Holywood has littered obstacles in your path...

    (You could either play that straight or just play paranoid conspiracy theorists in our modern world... Either would work pretty well.)
  • My first thought is "Bowie and Zappa! Corsairs of Etherspace!"
  • I love Mostly Rich White Dudes! It's my favorite!
  • "Ego Stratego"; " Napoleonic Wars of the Rich and Famous" ; "Hollywood Death Squares"; "The Real Star Wars"
  • As for the game, maybe some kind of napoleonic RiverWorld.
    I just literally gasped upon reading that sentence.
  • As for the game, maybe some kind of napoleonic RiverWorld.
    I just literally gasped upon reading that sentence.
    bows humbly.

  • Celebrity Napoleonic Death Match! Live on pay per view! Bowie vs Zapa! Now with even more exclaimation points!
  • I would recast Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in a remake of Ridley Scott's 1977 'The Duellists'.

    "We came here to kill each other. Any ground is suitable for that."
  • I like Storn's Napoleonic Riverworld. Mixing reincarnation into Napoleonics would allow for a lot more blood. But personally I'd have a hard time not doing a Napoleonic reskin of Judge Dredd.
  • von Clausewitz's War The article even has an appropriate image.
  • Remember in Digimon where you could insert a CD and it would use the number of tracks (or something) to determine the monster's stats. Something like that, but you'd use someone's IMDB page to determine the forces in your Napoleonic era army. Then you'd battle your opponent, but while RPing whatever actor you selected.
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    Alternate reality; development halted around year 1800, but time rolled on, with all humans born later to be fit into the early nineteenth century social and technological environment.

    (having corporates and celebs as nobility is kind of close to reality ...)
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    ... (double post)
  • "Fantasy Sausage Fest"
  • A Birthright style campaign set in a fantasy world reminiscent of Europe in the 18th century. High politics! Diplomacy! Intrigue! War!
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