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(No actual play discussion for May? Is nobody playing anything worth writing a sentence or two about?)

Last night we played Havoc Brigade.

At one point, the inventor orc rode off from the others and broke into the cathedral to the human god. The book didn't say what sort of god it was, and the inventor was looking for cool machines and technology to steal. So I as GM tell him that the human god is one of technology, rules, order and progress. Behind the altar in the cathedral is a giant automaton idol of the god, that moves during church services to grant blessings during services.

The other PCs are wandering the city's back alleys, looking for the missing inventor when they hear a tremendous booming noise. When they go running to see what it was, they find the inventor has turned the idol into a weaponized, blasphemous steampunk mecha and is using it to attack the palace.


  • We played the Tartan Noir play set for Fiasco, featuring a Black Widow providing elocution in Scottish dialect to the young American star of British-made film, who is also arranging a fake marriage with the film's writer/director in order for him to gain British citizenship.

    In one scene, an official turns up at the Black Widow's maisonette to assess the validity of her marital claims, just as she has had a blazing row with her boyfriend and beaten him half to death with a rolling pin. She tries to persuade the official that this is just one of her elocution students who has a severe medical condition, but when the official spots the blood on the floor and bends over to investigate, the rolling pin comes up down once more, heavily...

    In the resolutions at the end, we see the Black Widow's life in a series of flashbacks... beginning on the Highland moors in 1786! A younger version of the character is stalked and attacked by a mysterious shadow; at the end, with another of her boyfriends in jail for the murders she committed, the final scene sees the prison in uproar as a shadowy figure descends upon it and the Black Widow's voice comes from out of the shadows, "I promised I'd always be with ye..."
  • I was MC'ing Monsterhearts for an all star crew, and the Infernal and the Witch had sex on an altar in the creepy apple orchard. She took her sympathetic token from him (his pentagram necklace) and the Infernal's dark power gained swapped a string from him to her. Then the dark power offered them each an XP to sacrifice the teen they had in the trunk of the car on the altar.

    And they gladly took it up on that count, the Witch even adding insult to injury, Withering the kid on his way to the altar.

    They both then leveled up and both took the "rest of the spells" option from their playbooks.

    The whole thing really made me appreciate the beautiful symmetry between those playbooks. The Witch powers her hexes through taking strings, the Infernal through giving them away. The Witch's darkest self is about having too much power and the Infernal's DS is about having his credit extended beyond his ability to pay.
  • @NathanBlack, that is beautiful.
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    @mcdaldno, I'm really looking forward to the next session. It is going to be bonkers. The Fey is in her darkest self, and about to come up on the scene looking for the kid from the trunk that she promised to look after.

    And don't even get me started on what is going on with the Queen and the Ghoul.

    So, thanks y'all for creating such a vibrant game framework for us to work off of.
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    Sagas of the Icelanders, a one-shot at Camp Nerdly:

    A thrall begs a seiðkona for help in escaping Iceland and bondage with his illegitimate newborn son. The seiðkona agrees, but the price is high - the life of the slave's free lover, mother of his child, who is married to a man the seiðkona wants to tie to her own daughter.

  • _Dungeon World_ at Camp Nerdly:

    PLAYER: Where will we find this orc healer lady?

    ME: Uh, she lives at the top of, uh, Kill-skull mountain.

    PLAYER: Kill-skull mountain?

    ME: Yeah. That's where she lives. It's pretty cool.
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    Warrior Poet, Camp Nerdly:

    One warrior sends an army of Bear-People on a suicidal march against a rival. The bears are quickly slain, then moments later resurrected. An Undead Horde of Bear-People turn on their former master.

  • The Star Wars FAE campaign came to an end with ex-Jedi Councilor Sharlinda Wu facing off against her former padawan, Darth Sinestro high atop an abandoned communications tower.

    Sinestro, deciding not to face an angry Jedi Master, tried to escape to one of the other towers, hoping to get to the woods and lay an ambush. But Wu telekinetically closed off all the bridges, leaving only one available. As Sinestro edged across it, she attacked.

    Strong in the force, Sinestro resisted, but Sharlinda pressed him hard, retracting half the bridge and pushing Sinestro up against the edge of the void. At that moment, the rebel starships in orbit began firing on the planet, destroying some of the other towers. Sharlinda, however, was possessed by the thought of her padawan having betrayed her, and kept up the attack. Sinestro fell at her feet.

    He looked up, with eyes wide with sorrow. "Master?" he said softly.

    Sinestro always was a manipulative bastard.

    But Sharlinda hadn't been a Jedi in a long time--she was a rebel general. "I'm not that person anymore," she said, and cut through the bridge behind her with her lightsaber, plunging both of them a hundred meters to the ground.

    "And I'm totally Gandalfing you all the way down," I said to Sinestro's player, after we finished the Fate point bidding.
  • A couple of "yeah, that kind of sums up the character" bits from last Eternal Lies session:

    Martin: If you want to shoot me, it's -real- easy.
    Joyce: I kinda do... and I kinda don't.

    Lillian: Martin, this was clearly a case of self defense.
    Martin: I understand. There's a reason I prefer to run away.
  • From tonight's (checks clock), er, last night's Eternal Lies:

    Vito (the mob boss, in a small village): Marty, I don't want to have to shoot all these people.
    Martin:Now you're starting to sound like me.
  • (First Dungeon World session; PC Thief and Barbarian escaped a brief scuffle with five Kobolds.)

    "Roll for Spout Lore about those little scaly guys."


    "So, these guys are definitely Kobolds, and there are a couple additional points of interest. One, Kobolds are usually found in swamps, or underground, not so much in forests like this."


    "Two, they're usually found in much larger numbers."

    "Okay, so there might be more of them around?"

    "Three, they're usually associated with dragons."

    "We ride out of there like a bat out of hell."
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    Hey, it's June now.
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