A little prep experiment



  • Where is the best place to catch the sunrise?

    I am a travelling minstrel and looking to perform. It's okay. I'm accredited. Should I be concerned here, if I practice my craft?
  • What's the one thing which decorates this place which is really incredibly out-of-place, and doesn't - or shouldn't - belong here?
    Normally, any sign of the Hive in the city would be stamped out and destroyed utterly. But one building, clearly of Hive construction, is allowed here, and even features a resin sculpture of the Hive's Zinya within. The Zinya is a kind of world-ending dragon / messiah for the Hive, and takes the form of a wasp larvae emerging from a flower-like coccoon with six different locust heads - each head is atop a long neck that looks like a flower stem emerging from an insect leg. Why the Tong permit such a symbol and construction in their Grounds, when they fight the Hive on all other fronts, is a mystery.
  • Where is the best place to catch the sunrise?
    Weirdly enough, the best place to see it is actually from the roof of Jarru's tannery in the human quarter, marketside. That place stinks but it's converted from a squat tower and from there you can see the sun light up all the bug bastions - the Beetle, the Tong Grounds, the War Halls, the Soldiers' Culn, and the Mound - in the lower city.
  • Should I be concerned here, if I practice my craft?
    Depends on your species. What are you? In order of prosperous to stoned to death, I would say:

    If you're one of these, I've heard your music is incredibly beautiful:
    • Droplet (think of a trapdoor spider pulling it into a kind of a spinning top shape, hanging from the ceiling by a set of tendrils)
    • Lover (Stick)
    If you're one of these, you'd expect to be OK because you're a great curiosity:
    • Sleeper
    • Stoneguard
    If you're one of these you'd have a shot at prosperity but you'd better be good:
    • Stitcher (Stitcher musician, seriously, kind of a stereotype)
    • Great mantis (are you just slumming before you go back to being a monastic noble?)
    • Fluttermantis
    You're going to be a treated as a nuisance if you're not with your own kind if you are a:
    • Clicker
    • Shum
    • Human (if you're from out of town, where are you from? Is it BETTER there?)
    You don't belong here and you will be attacked:
    • Hive (Highborn or Hollow)
    • Owag (how are you even above water?)
    • Bihead or Trape (now you're just being silly)
  • BEEP! This thread is over and I learned a lot! I'm going to write the postmortem in another thread.
  • RyRy
    edited January 2016
    I made a little xp chart.

    Prompt helped me write something to add pressure - 4 xp
    Prompt helped me write something to relieve pressure - 2 xp
    Prompt helped Me write something else interesting - 1 xp

    Our thread garnered 55 xp by that measure, but more interesting is this: I found that some of the bits that were the most fun to write (like sentient trees and stuff) wasn't really helping get ready to hold the PCs feet to the fire. So I think there's a lesson here about how a GM can be happily explaining their game without really getting themselves ready for the next session. To the GM in question (and the interlocutor, presumably) this will seem like "getting a lot of help" but it's an impulse to be fought against.
  • Precisely!
  • Precisely!
    Yes this was basically your point earlier. I asked for more general questions because I was working it out and to leave room for someone else's version of "how to prompt to develop the locus of next session" to be better than my vague notion going in. But yes.

  • I wonder what kinds of things you feel "relieve pressure", and why they are highly ranked here. Are you looking at resources for the PCs, allies, what?
  • So could you give examples of some prompts and answers that were useful to you in your game?
  • It's mostly the ones where Tong are doing bad stuff. Like I know one from Paul88 "you see Tong, standing on a rooftop, pointing towards the ghetto"
  • Oh you had one - Tong capture / disappear a friend suspected of sedition.
  • Oh you had one - Tong capture / disappear a friend suspected of sedition.

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