Kickstarting the Apocalypse - Q&A with Vincent and Meguey Baker about AW2

"Meg: The single biggest improvement is the flow of battle. The combat in AW1 was often a place where the pace slowed and people had questions about the process. When we were looking at that system and how to streamline it, it clicked into place that we already had a solid system for the flow of action in the PC and MC moves, so why not see if a series of moves would work to handle battle? And lo and behold, they work great!

A major change is doing away with fronts and using threat maps instead. Threat maps give a better sense of how all the various dangers play off each other, and support an even stronger sense of the world. There are also significant changes to the Hx system that help make it smoother and faster to navigate.

Vincent: I’m pretty excited about the new threat map system. The old system for fronts was a little, I dunno, abstruse, a little too conceptual. The new system has you place threats directly on a map, centered on the PCs, it’s more intuitive and more concrete. It really ties the threats the GM’s responsible for to the landscape of the game, both when you’re originally creating them and when you’re updating them between sessions."


  • Thank you for posting this!

    I've been giving input on the new playbooks and rules changes, and there are lots of nice improvements to the game.

    The new "battle moves" are *very* extensive, but I see no huge reason a group couldn't continue to use the old "seize by force" rules as usual.

    One downside to the battle moves is that it seems to drift the game much further towards combat/battle (and car chases!), but some people might really enjoy that.
  • Anybody hear if they are upgrading the binding in the new edition?
  • Yeah, Ry, 1-armor.
  • Ugh. Canadian dollar has fallen so far. NAFTA is such fail. $64 after shipping.
  • I backed the game, of course, but honestly 1E was nearly perfect. Most of the things people complain about just didn't bother me / my group. So, I'm tempted to become an AW grognard. (I jokingly did this with 1,001 Nights 2nd Ed. as well.) "They nerfed the Hardholder!" "Faceless is now OP!"
  • (I might secretly be a 1ed grognard, too. I suppose I should try it first, though...)
  • The impression I have right now is that the revised battle moves (including seize by force now!) aren't basic moves. You still only break them out when you want, on special occasions. I mean, sure, they're there to be used, so players will want to find occasions to use them—but, I expect it's going to be a matter of "battles now fit more coherently into the context of the rest of the game" rather than "the game is drifting to be more battle-centric."

    But, also, I am an inveterate lumpleyite who believes Vx can do no wrong.
  • I am a Neo Reformed Lumpleyite! Death to ye, heretic!

    (Actually I agree with everything you said, @creases.)
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