THE CODE OF SHŌJO AND SHŌNEN - new Kickstarter Campaign

I've just launched my first "Kickstarter" campaign:

It's to raise money to buy artwork for my lightweight tabletop RPG rules THE CODE OF SHŌJO AND SHŌNEN.

Please spread the word. Pop by and have a look and - if you like what you see - feel free to pledge something.



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    I agree that Laputa is a great film. :)

    I'm curious about the choice of including the word SHŌJO in the title. Does the game include anything that is specifically about shojo manga ("comics for girls", which is a vast genre including its own science fiction and superheroes, but also a lot of romance, and more) - such as relationship subsystems or methods to set up a campaign which is purely romance, coming-of-age stories or the like? Or were you only thinking of magical girls and adventure fiction with female main characters?
  • All Anime characters in all genres have Shojo and Shōnen elements.

    Like all my Code books there are three attributes. Two apply when you are resolving conflict situations. The third applies in more general cases.

    For this game I've chosen the names Shojo, Shōnen and Sensei for the three attributes.

    An example characters in the draft rules has:

    Shojo: Negotiation
    Shōnen: Weaponry
    Sensei: SWAT officer

    Nothing more complex than that.

    Us western types really don't have a firm grasp on what the terms actually mean. My interpretation is based on what I was taught by young anime enthusiasts at various anime conventions.
  • Did you really mean to use the term Hentai Heroes under the "Why do I need THIS version then?" heading? 8/

    Aside from that, good luck! Are you still recruiting artists? I've been drawing manga/anime stuff for decades now; you can see my gallery here.
  • Good catch! No I didn't. (I don't even know what that word means, honest!)

    Edited with thanks.

    Of course I'm looking for artists. Obviously if the ones I've got turn in great work on time I'm committed to them. But if there are issues with delivery or quality or we exceed the target it'd be great to have a back up. I'll look at your stuff and get in touch
  • You're making an anime rpg, heard the definitions of "shojo" and "shonen" from teenagers, and don't know what "hentai" means? Priceless :D

    Ribbing aside, good luck with the funding drive! What are you art plans like, if you reach your funding goal? I imagine it's going to be something manga-styled, but will you buy it from a GB artist or go overseas?

    Also, let me say that I like the name of your game series, "The Code" is a great name for a rpg rules set. I'm not personally so hot on the rules-light descriptor, but I think this has pretty good vibes for the Fudge crowd and such. Good show.
  • Yeah, I'm going to be honest here; I like your "Code of" games a bit, but I'm concerned about the apparent lack of knowledge of the subject matter. o.o
  • ATM my artists are all British, you'll notice the guy that did the cover art sort of does a manga with a British twist in his comics.

    But one good side effect of launching a KS is that people come offering from all over. If my original artists deliver good stuff on time I'm sound. But if any issues develop then I've now got backup.

    And, yes, I'm much more steeped in the lore of western superheroes than Japanese anime. But as I say in my "risks" section this is a general RPG with an anime "skin" rather than one built from the ground up.
  • I was Googling to find the Kickstarter again and stumbled upon this article that describes the different anime categories.
  • Thank you.

    Though the GAME isn't aimed at the two specific genres given in the title, it does aim to simulate the anime of those genres. Not too cute. Deffo no sexual content etc.

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