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Welcome to Story Games! Regardless if you're new or old, feel free to tell us about yourself, where you're from, and what's exciting you, in and out of gaming these days!

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    I love D&D
  • My name is Andrew

    I love games but I have no-one to play them with

    So I make games up because that's kind of like playing a game, right?

    Because I have no-one to play games with my knowledge about games is almost purely theoretical. I read about them and then when something interests me enough I'll buy it.

    Based on what I've read, my favourite games might be Apocalypse World (or more likely a really good epic fantasy hack of it which I've never found), Burning Wheel (or more likely Torchbearer), and Swords Without Master.
  • I'm Adam. I live in the Baltimore, Maryland, area and game with folks there. I frequent the Double Exposure conventions ("Vinnie cons"--mostly Dreamation and Dexcon), Camp Nerdly, and TravellerConUSA. Occasionally a GameDay in Maryland or DC.

    Despite being really active on the Forge and Story Games and LJ as an advocate for story games back in the day, I'm finding myself drawn to more traditional RPGs lately: D&D 5e and Traveller mostly. I still love story games, though.

    More than anything, I think my major love is fantasy and SF world-building. I never seem to stop designing new settings.

    Occasionally, I write games or game-related products or articles. More often, I edit other people's games.
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    My name is Josh. My current passion is reading and collecting roleplaying games from Japan. I did some work on the English translation of Shinobigami, and have cobbled together (unlicensed) translations of a few other games. My bread and butter of play is still mostly the American "classics" of the 80s and 90s thought: things like D&D, Shadowrun, Traveller, and sometimes their more modern evolutions.

    I'm super interested in games (roleplaying, board, card, war, video, parlor, and cetera) for the ways in which they model their "real world" referents, be those people, emotions, social interactions, stories, probabilities, material relationships, the structures of other mediums, or anything else that games try to make a part of themselves. I've probably inadvertently internalized a lot of post-structuralist thought and tend to analyze things from that angle even if I don't intend to do so overtly.
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    Hi I'm Kenny,

    I currently live in the southwest [USA]. I loved finding this forum, though I don't always feel I have the right broad or extensive experience to add critical comment. I mostly approach things through the the lens of "my next big project." So if I sound like a broken record I apologize.

    I am very passionate about the story games I've come across here but also a little daunted. So many here seem to make games and its a little scary to know there's tons of different nuanced ideas out there. That being said its good company and I was surprised at how approachable everyone has been. Its kind of odd comparing that to how it felt looking in before.

    My favorite subject is sci-fi, but also any imaginative but grounded concepts. I also love world building but have had trouble marrying that to game design. Especially since I have moved toward pbta and never looked back. (I have been very frustrated last two times I tried to go back to D&D or tried Numenera). However pbta has jump started my love for improvising world building on the fly and my friends and I have loved it.
  • Hey, Kenny. Everyone here who makes games probably felt that way at one time. Everyone was a first-timer at one point!
  • Aye, Kenny, I've been here in the background for years and I still have that "lack of experience" feeling all the time. You just gotta charge through it and participate anyway, no one minds.

    I'm Max, aka The Logbook Project, aka Ego (@Logbook_Project on twitter, +Max Hervieux on Google+). I respond to all three. I'm a story gamer through and through, with a special passion for PbtA, Swords Without Master, and a few very narrowly-focused games. I'm in Tacoma, WA, so I'm fortunate to be in the middle of some of the largest hubs of Story Game Designers. I've designed a few games, most notably the fully realized Legend of the Elements (a PbtA AtLA game). Nowadays I like making tiny one-shot focused games with very very specific themes and purposes. I'm not really a frequent poster as I don't play enough oneshots to playtest for people, and I'm not really a theory kind of guy. Twitter is the place where I talk about most of my game stuff, if you can stomach my personal-life ramblings.

    Outside of gaming I'm 23, in a dead-end job trying to get into grad school for biology, and generally just swinging between depression and contentedness.
  • I'm James and I am a game designer (circle responds by saying "Hello James.")

    I tinker a lot with PbtA: so far I've produced one full game and one mini one. The former is The 'Hood, which is a contemporary urban life simulator, and the latter is Monster Force Terra, a humorous kaiju game in which you play the kaiju. I'm in the process of completing a third PbtA game, Troublemakers, which encompasses all sorts of childhood adventure fiction.

    I don't just do PbtA though! I've also created Blood & Water, a storygame inspired by the BBC TV series Being Human, and I'm currently contributing to The Imposters, an anthology of conspiracy-themed games that is being Kickstarted.

    But wait, there's more! I've also blundered my way into being co-admin of Games On Trial, a G+ community dedicated to reading and playtesting drafts of games that are ready to play. The community is open to all, including designers, playtesters and merely interested onlookers, but we appreciate everyone's contribution.

    And finally, if you happen to find yourself in the UK, I run an Indie games meet-up on the second Sunday of every month at the Geek Retreat in central Birmingham.
  • I'm in Tacoma, WA, so I'm fortunate to be in the middle of some of the largest hubs of Story Game Designers.
    Glad to hear it, as we're considering moving there.

  • I came to Story Games from the Forge a looong time ago. I'm a native of Richmond, Virginia, but Brooklyn is always in my heart. I'm a playwright (produced twice in New York) and aspiring novelist (if I can finish this draft).

    Because of my background in writing drama, I love story games that smoothly facilitate theatrical or dramatic roleplaying. I blatantly steal a lot of my roleplaying game scenarios from Shakespeare. I currently have no gaming group, which sucks right now because my dad recently passed away, and I need something to look forward to to get me out the house.

    I currently run a blog called RPGTweaks which updates every Friday afternoon. It's where I put most of my experiments for different game systems.
  • Hello,

    I'm Pedro (Peter) and I joined Story Games a few months ago. I live in Helsinki, Finland, but I was born in Portugal. I'm a microbial ecologist.

    A couple of years ago I re-discovered Ron Edwards Sorcerer and it saved my gaming life at a point I was getting disenchanted with traditional RPGs after about 25 years of gaming. That game eventually took me to stuff like PbtA games and other Forge-derived stuff.

    Happy to be part of this community.
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    Hi! I'm Jason Morningstar. I design tabletop and live action roleplaying games for Bully Pulpit Games and also consult with companies internationally on using games for teaching and learning. I am also a moderator here! Fun fact: Morningstar is my family surname from way back - I recently learned that some people thought it was a pseudonym.
  • I'm James and I am a game designer (circle responds by saying "Hello James.")

    And finally, if you happen to find yourself in the UK, I run an Indie games meet-up on the second Sunday of every month at the Geek Retreat in central Birmingham.
    Hello James.

    You forgot to mention you're also co-organiser of the Spaghetti ConJunction games convention.......
  • Hi

    I'm Simon Burley. Being playing RPGs since Greyhawk. (I missed the first year of the hobby - came in with the funny shaped dice.)

    Creator, publisher and co-Author of the first self published RPG in the U.K. Golden Heroes (1982). Professionally published by Games Workshop in 1984 (it's in Wikipedia). (Pre-watchmen Marvel style Superheroics)

    Resurrected as a self publisher in the 21st century:

    Squadron UK - full fat Trad Superhero RPG (not Golden Heroes for legal reasons)
    Squadron: X - an alien vs supernatural campaign pack with Superheroes caught in the middle.
    The Comics Code - lightweight SHRPG
    The Code of the Spacelanes - lightweight SciFi RPG
    The Code of Steam and Steel - lightweight Steampunk
    The Super Hack - lightweight OSR SHRPG (because I could)

    All available from RPGNOW.

    I also have a fully multi genre game (Manifold) gestating in my bottom drawer at the moment.

    I visit more RPG conventions than anyone else in the UK and two volumes of my convention diaries are also available on RPGNOW (PWYW).

    I'm co-organiser of the Spaghetti ConJunction convention in Birmingham UK and when I'm not visiting conventions I'm at Geek Retreat in Birmingham on the LAST Sunday of every month. This is part of my current project to try and introduce our great hobby to new people. To this end I also visit some non-Gaming conventions - Sci Fi, anime etc. - to offer RPGs to fellow nerds and geeks.
  • I'm Ry, I used to be here before it was cool. I like bursting in, yelling "MAKE SOMETHING" and running away.
  • My name is davey. Also david. And often Dave, but on forums etc it's davey.
    I discovered story games last year, then I discovered story-games-seattle. Yea!! I'm lucky to be close enough to this fount of creative energy to get together and play every once in a while. I've only participated in a half dozen or so story game sessions, but it didn't take long till all my board game design wiseacreing migrated to story games. I have a half dozen or so games brewing. None finished.
    I feel like every one of them brings something interesting and fun and maybe even clever. But I have no idea if any of them will actually work and facillitAte the creation of fun in play. I am hoping to playtest one of the more compact ones next week. It needs work still. I'm calling it "the palimpsest device". Wish us luck!!
  • I'm Alan.

    I live in southern MD, where I do software engineering work.

    I've meandered through Story Games now and then. I used to write game reviews, but sort of grew out of it between kid-time pressures and the realization I'd rather play games than review them.

    My palette of games isn't immense, but I do get bored playing the same game for more than 6 months or so. I used to run lots of convention games so I could get a chance to play some games I never get to play. I finally got multiple game groups together at home and now I'm not quite as eager to run convention and gameday games.

    My current flavors are Pathfinder, Gumshoe, Traveller, and Mutants & Masterminds, though I'll probably circle around to Fate again soon.

    Supers is my current gaming obsession. I hear lots of people who tear down M&M, but my group is really enjoying it, in contrast to a weighty Champions game they were playing.
  • I've heard M&M has been vindicated, that it was misunderstood earlier. But, I've never tried it.
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    I'm Yochai. I'm from Israel originally but have spent the last few decades in the US.

    I played roleplaying games when I was in high school, but lost interest (I think I made some bad RPG choices).

    I work for a worker-owned IT shop; a few years ago, some of my co-owners got me to try RPGs again. Since then I've gone through quite a few (as GM) including D&D 5e for a bit, where I designed many modules; but then I discovered the beauty that is Pbta games! Now I regularly GM Dungeon World games among other things. I also like story-based games like Microscope.

    Right now I'm working on my own game, called Generations: A Card Game. Inspired by games like The Quiet Year and Above & Below, players control divisions (engineering, sciences, etc) on a generation ship flying through the cosmos. I'm almost finished with the first draft, and hope to throw it on here at some point so you can all tear it to shreds (in a good way).
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    Right now I'm working on my own game, called Generations: A Card Game. Inspired by games like The Quiet Year and Above & Below, players control divisions (engineering, sciences, etc) on a generation ship flying through the cosmos. I'm almost finished with the first draft, and hope to throw it on here at some point so you can all tear it to shreds (in a good way).
    Oh man I wanted to make a boardgame based off that concept. Cool let me know how it turns out, I hope it goes well!
  • Well, I'm making it CC licensed, so you can have at it! I'll put a playtest version up here sometime soon as well.
  • Hello, I'm Paulo Rivas. I'm a graphic designer and comic artist from Peru, I've been doing some self-publishing here, helped a few other comic artists publish their work and even trained a couple more. I got into RPGs somewhat late, on my early 20's and started hacking them ever since. In the end I've done so much hacking and repurposing that my stuff barely resembles their original sources, but I still consider it hacking instead of designing.

    I've got a couple of small games published (as ashcans? never been sure if the term is correct, we call them fanzines here, though they have nothing fan-related anymore) in spanish trough my own (really small) publishing company. Also got a rarely updated blog here with some freebies like a 3:16 mission generator and my personal inspiration tool, the Resourcefull Deck.
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    Hiya, I'm Luzelli, or Kalluther, or just Chandu. Any of those work. I started playing RPGs in junior high w/ dnd. Took a long break, and then got back into it in college. I haven't been able to shake the hobby since.

    I'm in no functional way trained in the art of game design, but I've been struck with the bug for a while now (couple years at least). My two white whales that I'm currently working on are a Cyberpunk hack of FFG's Star Wars system and an original design Supers RPG tentatively titled Relentless. I've tried my hand at a couple micro-RPGs. Some of which I'm proud of, some I'm embarrassed of, and some I swear I'll revisit. But that's probably a lie.

    Outside of RPGs I'm a reformed hipster who likes watching super bad movies, listening to as many different kinds of music as I can get my hands on, and basically avoiding being an adult as much as humanly possible.

    Been lurking around here a couple years. Periodically I'll poke my head up to ask bizzare hypotheticals or leach off the wisdom of the boards. These days, I just can't run medieval fantasy based games anymore. As a genre I'm burned out on it. On the other hand, my SF roots and inveterate love of Cyberpunk keep me pretty firmly rooted in modern/near future settings and games. One thing I'd love to finish and have only kind of started is a fiasco playset where the players are the mooks of Gotham. Like the goons who are forced to buy matching clown outfits to be part of Joker's crew one week and then two-tone outfits to work for Two-Face the next.
  • Hi, I'm Jason. I lurk more than I post around here (and on Google+), but I really love reading smart folks talking about games. I am especially a fan of PbtA games, games that use playing cards or tarot cards in clever ways, games with rules that fit on a page or two, playtesting and user research, and hacking stuff to run adventures based on video games my friends obsess over. Also, I once wrote a doctoral dissertation on geek and nerd culture and stereotypes, which I am simultaneously kind of proud of and kind of embarrassed about, which in turn pretty neatly sums up what my dissertation was about.
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    I'm Michael. I've been pecking away at a couple of skeletal PbtA games, inspired by Lacuna (Project Coma) and Battletech (2G2BT), respectively.

    Mostly, these have taught me about the chasm between something you can run and something somebody else can run!

    Most of my lonely fun, however, is spent cranking out systemless "two-page dungeons" for fantasy RPGs, which lets me combine my nostalgic yearnings, art, and writing.
  • Hello friends!

    I'm Daniel! I played AD&D 2nd for most of my childhood (from when I was 12 on to when I was 25 or so). After moving to Dublin in 2008, I stumbled into a group of awesome players who introduced me to story games, and I've been playing ever since.

    Even though my day-job is designing champions for the videogame League of Legends, I have yet to try my hands at designing a story game. I once wrote a short module for Hell for Leather, a brilliant gory sexy funny story game that my friend Sebastian Hickey designed.

    I absolutely love reading about role-playing theory, even though I'm really bad at communicating what I learned to others. In 2010 or so I stumbled over the Forge and went on a multi-day reading binge. I still go back every now and then and deep-dive into conversations; most recently I've been trying to see what conversations Serpent's Tooth may have come out of (although it seems that might have been on this forum?)

    I fully understand that a lot of people just don't care, and the job of a forum like this is mostly to make fun play happen by whatever means possible, but I still love the idea of deep diving into a theoretical construct that seeks to explain why fun around the table does or does not happen.

    I now live in Los Angeles and I've finally started going to conventions again! Recently I've been to Gamestorm in Portland, where I took part in the Indie Hurricane run by local gaming group Games To Gather, and it was amazing. Next up I'm going to Seattle for Go Play Northwest in July. I have one group that I play with at work every week (currently about to start session 2 of a game of Microscope that had too many open questions to end after session 1), and I'm about to start playing Apocalypse World with another group at work.
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    Hey y'all --

    I'm Tod Foley, also known as "As If" (my company is As If Productions). I started designing RPGs and adventure modules in the 80s, when I wrote Cyberspace, and a couple handfuls of adventure modules for Iron Crown Enterprises. I was also a co-author on Space Master (2nd edition).

    In the 90s I took some of my RPG design theory into theater spaces, creating four interactive works including Ghosts in the Machine (CyberArts 1991), and then online, where I began building virtual worlds and interactive gizmos for The Palace (I built The World of South Park for Comedy Central - won an award for it too! - and KoRn KoRner for the band KoRn). That's how I got into programming for the web, which I've been doing for a little over 20 years now.

    This decade I got back into straight-up RPG design again, creating DayTrippers (a surreal science fiction reality-hopping RPG) and a line of modules for it, followed by Other Borders (a DramaSystem game of magic and intrigue in the modern American southwest), Watch the World Die (a collaborative apocalypse-creating game) and some other small ones. You can find all this stuff on Drivethru at http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/6911/As-If-Productions

    Currently I'm working on a near-future GM's sourcebook and a ten-author anthology of science fiction short stories (both) called UbiquiCity, and I could use some help bringing these books to market! If you'd like to help out (and get free stuff), see the Patreon account at https://www.patreon.com/UbiquiCity
  • Hi! I’m Jason. I follow things here pretty regularly, but have only posted a few times.

    I cut my teeth on whatever edition of D&D was on the shelves in 1978, played a ton of RPGs up through high school, and then played infrequently for roughly 25 years until 2011-2013, when I was flattened by the one-two-three punch of Fiasco, the DCC RPG and Dungeon World. I partly blame/bless Jason Morningstar for winding up that punch by leaving a copy of Fiasco for me at the Durham Country Library when I gave a talk there in 2011. Encountering those three games in what felt like rapid succession cemented RPGs as a permanent and important part of my life, and in the feverish aftermath I’ve managed to produce a number of DW adventures and supplements as Lampblack & Brimstone. Along the way I've been digging deeper and deeper into the PbtA groove.

    I’m currently a working cartoonist and teacher at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, where among other things I use Fiasco as a teaching tool for staging and writing scenes. In addition to a fun and rewarding job, the school has provided me with a steady flow of students who are at least RPG-curious, which means my weekly game group is never wanting for players. I also love introducing people to tabletop RPGs, so I host a group of 7-to-12-year-olds and occasional game nights at my school explicitly for neophytes.

    I'm currently drawing the last two chapters of a comic book that I've been working on for the past 22 years of my life, and writing a standalone version of my Dungeon World hack Freebooters on the Frontier.
  • Oh, I've been wondering since day one if you're the same Jason that wrote Berlin!
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    I'm mostly a lurker here ...

    Gaming life: I have been involved for a long time in games and making my own games. As most of us, I've gone through different cycles of were my primary gaming itnerests are. Currently, it's mostly miniature gaming.

    For the past couple of years, I have been mostly interested in combining miniature wargaming with story-driven and narrative techniques. We have experimented quite a lot with matrix-style arguments, combined with voting, to push a game forwards (see http://snv-ttm.blogspot.be/p/narrative-wargaming.html).

    Another interest is mass-participation wargames: how to get >100 people involved in a convention game? Last year, we ran such a game at a con, getting over 250 people to participate - each person adding a micro-decision to the overall game flow. For those interested in reading more about this here: http://snv-ttm.blogspot.be/p/red-vs-blue-crisis-2013.html
  • Greetings all,

    I'm Jacques, a long time roleplayer and gamer. I started with BECMI D&D, and from there played AD&D 1st edition, Runequest, Stormbringer, Vampire, Werewolf and few other systems.

    I prefer rules-lite systems, and my current go-to is Whitehack 2nd edition by Christian Mehrstam.

    I've just started working on a new project which is to hopefully build and provide a PbP RPG platform, similar to Roll20. Currently I'm doing a lot of research on diceless and minimal mechanic systems, trying to figure out a good mix (if there is!?) to test with the platform.

    Looking forward to participating in your awesome community!

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    Hello (again),

    James here. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland where I run an open rpg/story gaming night. We generally play a different game every two weeks, so I get to try out lots of games I might not otherwise. This makes me happy.

    I am enthusiastic about collaborative storytelling, dramatic theory (I work as a script writer and editor), and elegant rules. I am supicious of rulebooks longer than 100 pages, and hate it when they include short stories.
  • Hey there - I'm Harrison.

    Fans of Stars Without Number may know me as the programmer behind the SWN Sector Generator.

    I've been part of a weekly gaming group for about twenty years now. For the past few years we've been exclusively gaming in D&D 5E, but I have previously run or played in Runequest, Barebones Fantasy, D&D 3/3.5E + Pathfinder, and dabbled in True20, 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars and countless others.

    I am increasingly becoming a fan of more narrative-based systems like Dungeonworld and would love to try out Fate or Fate Accelerated.

    When it's my turn to GM, I take our system du jour and set up some adventures in a bespoke setting that I've cooked up over this twenty-year stretch of gaming. I have a long term plan to release my game setting as a source book.

  • Hi, I'm Charlie.
    I write about RPGs for Who Dares Rolls, varying between campaign reports, cool story games, solo games and the occasional board game. We have a fairly infrequent podcast at the moment where we talk gaming news, have a theme of the week and then play a bit of an old Fighting Fantasy (or FF-adjacent) book.

    I've yet to do more design than pitching a 200 word RPG and pondering a couple of board games about orphans or misappropriating the names of the Transformers films. I'm currently trying to work out an emotionally-charged PBTA Mario Kart RPG at the moment.
  • Hi, I'm Guy. I play mostly with a group across the water from Seattle. Love Burning* games, play... lots of different things. Technically designed a homebrew D&D 4e variant that's GMless and uses voting to decide what to do next - scene, monster tactics, whatever. It's ridiculous but was pretty fun.
  • I'm Paul Taliesin (my game design pseudonym).

    I'm based in Canada, and I dabble in all kinds of design and experimentation, which I share for free online. I've never made the leap to charging for my game design efforts. Perhaps someday!

    Some examples include:

    * It All Ends in Tears, a Fiasco playset for Monsterhearts play
    * Thus began the adventures of Eowyn... a sort of simplified and more gamble-heavy version of TSoY with an atomized Otherkind mechanic
    * Apocalypse: Emergence, a Fallout-inspired hack of Apocalypse World
    * The Bureau, an "Apocalypse World for kids" game, sort of like Men in Black meet the Ghostbusters
    * Visceral harm for Apocalypse World, a more "fiction-first" approach to harm and injury for that game

    One of my early threads, Ending Games Without Endgame Conditions is (or was?) one of the "Best of Story Games" threads, and I still think it has some good advice.

    This is my favourite place for online RPG discussion, since I find the move away from forums to social media much harder to engage with and navigate. I hope this forum stays around and lively for a long time, and lately I've been trying to contribute to it from that perspective. (Tell your friends to come join us!)
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    I'm BeePeeGee (pseudonym I use in RPG forums, maybe I'll use my real name in the near future...). I live in Germany where we still have an active local RPG community.
    I grew up with traditional fantasy RPG and after a loong break, re-discovered the passion just five years ago (basically missed the whole The Forge discussion!).

    I enjoy urban fantasy as well as intimate relationship focused settings. The way I like to play is more GMless and seems to gravitate towards freeform play.

    In game design, my main project has been Directions Storyplaying System that I've been developing for the last years. It reflects the way enjoy playing most.

    Some other game designs you may be interested in:
    - Lost Genius (Golden Cobra Challenge 2015)
    - Guns and Mojo (Lasers & Feelings hack)
    - OktoberVest (extensive urban fantasy Fate setting, German)
    - Russian Roulette (one-page story game, German)

  • My name is Ian Cooper, and I am Londoner, and we play on Monday Nights in Soho.

    I got into Story Games via Glorantha, when Hero Wars came out. Ron Edwards was a long time Glorantha fan, and his support for Hero Wars on The Forge then drew me into the wider world of story games, and I learned an enormous amount from the Sorceror supplements, PTA, In a Wicked Age, My Life with Master and other games of that era.

    I have pretty much stuck with story games ever since, have written material for Heroquest (such as The Coming Storm) and I am now the line editor for Heroquest over at Chaosium (so feel free to hit me up if you have ideas for that game you would like to see or write).

    We play a wide variety of story games, though I suspect the main designers at our table our Robin Laws, Vincent Baker, and Paul Czege right now, with a lot of other guest appearances.
  • I'm Graham MacLean, and, although I've been designing for decades, I've just recently started Mad Unkie Games.

    Additionally, I'm a games scholar who is now toying with the idea of returning to his PhD. I'm also a former gaming 'zine publisher, graphic designer and I've been trained as a children's librarian. I'm interested in the stories behind gaming genres and the communities that recognized and developed those definitions.

    Right now I live in Toronto where there's a 50/50 chance that the language I hear on public transit isn't English. I love it for that reason.
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    Welcome Graham! I'm originally from Kitchener (about 120 km south-west of your current location). I also love hearing that too (I'm a language nerd). It makes Toronto great. I don't know why so many people fear it.
  • Hello,
    I´m Aaron from germany and roleplayer for 33 years. My job as a highschool teacher and my familiy keeps me on the go. so I´ve not too much time for designing games or adventures.
    At least roleplaying is my most important leisure activity. I´m leading Ars Magica and Gumshoe campaigns and apart from that I´m always eager to play that sweet little indie-games, you´re talking about in this forum. The first representatives I got to know were norwegian minimal-roleplaying games (Itras By, Archipelago and stuff like that... I love them), but I´m expanding my knowledge.
  • Hey,

    I'm Nathan, I was Paganini on the Forge too, back in the day. I got called away by Real Life around 2008 and when I came back Ron had closed the place down. I miss it, especially the theory and design discussions. I moved to San Diego about a year ago, and I've had some free time, so I've been catching up on old threads, reading new versions of old games (Trollbabe!), and tracking down guys I used to talk to a lot on Google+

    I created Indie Net-gaming a long time ago for people who wanted to play indie games but didn't have local interested players. It's less active than it used to be, but some of us old time Forge regulars still hang out in our IRC channel #indierpgs on irc.magicstar.net. Anyone is welcome to drop by for a game or just to hang out.
  • (There's a new version of Trollbabe?)
  • Paul, there's a second edition (or revised edition).
  • Yep, complete rewrite, from the ground up, with a few rules tweaks too. Want to come play it? :)

    - N
  • Very interesting!
  • Greetings all.

    I am Petteri from Finland. I've been playing and tinkering with role-playing games from the beginning of the 90s. Nothing too good to report until now, as this summer I'm going to publish my first real game. I write fiction as well, I have one novel "under my belt" and perhaps a five or six short stories that have been published here and there.

    And apologies for my sometimes crude English :smile:
  • Hi folks, I'm Emanuele Rusconi. I live in north Italy.

    I and my friends used to play traditional RPGs when we were younger and our afternoons longer. Now our spare time is little and quite full of life and stuff (mine, mostly with music and HEMA), but lately - after years of hiatus - the passion was reignited, and sometimes we manage to juggle our schedules and have a nice RPG evening.

    I'm more and more drawn away from trad RPGs towards GMless story games but have no real experience yet - and I'm not even sure whether I'll be able to steer my table there (we're playing Fate right now, and still struggling to break free from some of the Pathfinder ways). However, I've read loads of PDFs (thanks in big part to several threads here), and I hope to play some of them in the future. I found this forum to be packed full of insightful discussions, suggestions and inspiration!

    Oh, yeah, I'm also a bit of a grammar nazi - despite the fact that English isn't my mother language (or maybe because of it?): expect from me some "*its*" comments here and there. My intent will be entirely constructive ;) .

    My free tip: don't learn HEMA, you'll hate every combat rule set out there forever.
    Aha, just kidding, learn HEMA, it's awesome!
    But yes, it'll really spoil combat rules.

  • Hi everyone!

    I'm Tam. I write solo games (that's games for one player to play by themselves) and tools to support that.

    If there's a standard gaming career arc, I'm pretty sure I followed it; D&D through the editions, a foray into WoD, a handful of different published systems here and there. One day I realized I just didn't have any interest in the "DM makes the content, players consume it" model my group favors, so I bowed out.

    Since then I've been catching up on a decade or two of stuff I missed and it's been awesome! I love tinkering with all these new (to me!) ideas and it makes me really happy when other people enjoy what I've made.

    ... I think this is my first ever "hi" post, ha.
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