Uncertainty and Drama

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Two big, vague words.
Maybe more vague than story and game?
What is certain?
Will my death not be fit for dramatic fictionalizing because of it's certainty?
Does one have any relation to another?
Aren't most things in life uncertain? I mean, isn't this just a necessary component for life?
Aren't most things, made by people, an attempt at certainty?

I don't wanna fall asleep on some random bed at night, I wanna fall asleep on my bed. But if that bed, that I expect to be there, is no longer there, then it's dramatic. It's dramatic because of my expectations. The drama's not coming from the mystery. Maybe I give two shits about this lack of a bed? It's because I cared about the old bed, cared enough for protagonist(me!) to leave my once comfortable apartment.

My dependence on this bed was a lie. Why? Maybe this new bed-less existence, is on the surface, better than my old bed-having one? Maybe I've tricked myself into thinking everything's fine just as long as I have a bed.

Games are quite capable of uncertainty, but for synchronicity, and the oftentimes karmic justice of story, they often fall flat.

A mystery is only as good as the feeling had before it disappeared. Even a story with a windfall, is about something missing.


  • Uncertainty is not so complicated. Drama, it has to be defined because it could mean Greek drama, Theater from the XIXth century, Important action in a fiction, Tense relationships.
    In RPG, I use Drama with the last two definitions : the action (opposing it to the Theme) or conflict between (player) characters.
  • Ooh. I just started a thread on this before seeing yours. Shall we combine them or let them run in parallel?
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