[Nerdly] Regional Soda Exchange

Oh yeah. Bring your own soda means Soda-swapping!

I'll be bringing Northern Neck Ginger Ale and Old Dominion Root Beer.

I know Mark is bringing Sundrop (also, Mark, any word on getting me some Blennheim?).

I am hoping someone from up North can bring some crazy seltzer flavors you can only get up there like Polar Vanilla seltzer or Half& Half

Tell me what regional soda you're bringing so I can get all excited to swap with you!


  • If someone could bring some Vernor's ginger ale, that would make me very happy.

    All the local beverages I can think of from here are beer and our appallingly maintained municipal water. But I understand that beer — even awesomely delicious, bread-like beer — isn't welcome, so I'll have to bring the tainted tap water.

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    I want birch beer really bad. Somebody hook me up.

    Mark, represent NC properly and bring Cheerwine as well, even if you don't personally care for it.

    EDIT: I've seenBlenheim locally, Mark, like at Weaver Street Market. If I find it I'll yell. And buy some for Dave.
  • Hey, I'm going to head down to South of the Border or, heaven forbid, all the way into Blenheim, SC tomorrow. Anybody wanna go?
  • Sure, fine, Cheerwine :P
  • Posted By: Dave YounceMark, any word on getting me some Blennheim?)
    OMG Blenheim!

    I love Blenheim, especially the high-test blend with the red cap. It's a miracle. I've cured colds with it.

    (I'm not going to Nerdly. I'm just a Blenheim enthusiast.)
  • Turns out that Harris Teeter might offer it. I'm on a mission!
  • What a cool idea! I'm not attending Nerdly, but you bet we're going to talk about local food exchanges for GenCon.

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    Mark - You rule. Remember, independent of the Regional Soda Exchange, I will reimburse you up to $50 worth of Blenheim, preferably red-cap ginger ale and the ginger beer.

    Joshua, I think I can get vernor's here - i'll double-check for you. edit: It'll cost you a polar half-n-half liter bottle, I know you can get them there.

    If nobody else can satisfy Jason's birch beer needs, I can hit that too.
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    Gastrognomes: I can bring you real-deal Hamptonville hoop cheese if you are interested. Or insane Moravian cookies as thin as paper. But only in trade.

    EDIT: I also know a black market unpasteurized milk smuggler, but bringing that would be against the law.
  • i can bring some lancaster birch beer, we get that out here in NJ. What i can't get my hands on and would love is some Moxie? any northerners got that?
  • Oh, Kevin. You're a brave soul. I'll see if I can dig some up.
  • OH, also, it's not soda, but what i do have for regional food trade is Taylor Ham (often also called Pork Roll) a delicious sweet breakfast meat. It doesn't taste like canadian bacon or spam or anything like either of those, its its own thing. It's like the best breakfast food. Made in trenton NJ and only sold round these parts, it can't be beat.

    pork roll
  • Posted By: Emily CareOh, Kevin. You're a brave soul. I'll see if I can dig some up.
    I agree. I have finished a can of Moxie just to say that I could, but MAN am I not into that.
  • And what Regional Trade would be complete if I didn't bring some Mash 'n' Meth?
  • Moxie is like foulness condensed and carbonated.

    It's like drinking THE DEVIL.
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    Kevin, we can get that Taylor ham here. I had no idea it was not loathsome. Oh wait!
  • Alexis says she would like some Cheerwine, particularly if it still doesn't have corn syrup. We have access to the full range of Polar Drys and Half-and-Halfs and such. We could probably scrounge up some Moxie or whatever other New England beverage (Spike's Rootbeer is only available in Boston and Providence and is quite tasty.)

    We could also offer Emergency Brownies.
  • This thread got me thinking of http://www.popsoda.com
    It doesn't have the folksy bartering feel of this thread, but it could work as a last resort.
  • Thanks, I've used them as a last resort before, Matt, with a positive experience. But paying shipping on glass bottles of liquid gets expensive fast!

    I do sometimes strangely long for the 'spruce beer' I got from them once (they don't seem to carry it anymore). It was a little like drinking pine-sol, but actually kind of awesomely refreshing. I think it may have been from maine.
  • Who's a cartographer? We need a soda map.

  • If anyone has access to Turkey Hill Diet Green tea i'd be willing to get things in exchange

    birch beer from my college town, Kutztown! I'm not so crazy for it myself but all the birch beer talk reminded me.
  • Posted By: SBRIf anyone has access to Turkey Hill Diet Green tea i'd be willing to get things in exchange
    We have Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea at the local Kroger.

    So, I've got Sun Drop, Cheerwine, Blenheim, and Turkey Hill.

    Am I becoming a Libation Ambassador?
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    Kevin...i think i can get Moxie, but only by the case...which in my experience is way too much Moxie.
    mmm CLOVES!!!

    Dan...i work at a grocery store, can get you any frickin' Turkey Hill product you want

    has anyone heard of A-Treat? they make a soda that's called Big Blue...it looks like Windex. my brother used to love it. i think he just likes "blue" food.. how many former Pennsylvanians are there here? geez.
  • I'll also try to grab some Kutztown
  • so, who wants what for the Turkey Hill iced tea? i might even be able to pull off some NC style bbq, if you dont mind it being in a container for a few hours
  • I wonder if I could get ahold of some Ernest Borgnine's Coffee Soda. I don't want any , but it'd be fun to bring.
  • The Blenheim has been successfully acquired.
  • Posted By: Mark CauseyThe Blenheim has been successfully acquired.
  • I've been wanting to try Harpoon's soda line, which includes an Orange Cream in addition to some other things.
  • Chiv: You wanted the Turkey Hill? Buwhuh? I thought we talked about it! Did you get your Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea or not?
  • someone brought some turkey hill Diet green tea with MANGO. I did not know if it was community so i gazed at it lovingly for 2 days and snatched up the 1/2 bottle that was left when we were throwing out left overs.
  • That was your bottle :) I hope you liked it!
  • Man, that Blenheim was delicious. Thanks for that, guys.

  • hey, thanks mark. it was GREAT!!
  • Yeah, thanks very much for all the birch beer, particularly Nathan, who brought some really good stuff. I didn't bring jack and drank all your hootch, guys.
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